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To be published by A & M Publishing, the MEG: Purgatory Collector’s Limited Edition Package will not be sold in stores or on; it must be pre-ordered right here NOW until the day (to be announced) when the final manuscript is sent to the printers. There will only be one print run

MP Package Features:

Front cover (different from Tor’s) will identify the book as a Limited Collector’s edition hardback. Inside will be a certificate on the signature page, along with a number. That’s right – each hardback will have a number matching the order in which books are purchased. As with LOCH-3, all books will be signed by moi, Steve Alten.

Interior artwork: We will be contacting the best Megalodon/sea monster artists from all over the world, inviting them to participate in our celebration of MEG by creating one of the 20-30 action scenes in the novel (or their favorite scene from one of the other MEG novels) – their works of art to be placed in the final manuscript.

Special bonus sections: To be announced, but we hope and expect to include a MEGhead section. I will also include a special message from our hero, lead producer BELLE AVERY who brought the movie from near-extinction to a box office hit. And don’t be surprised to hear from some of the stars and the other amazing individuals who contributed to MEG over the last 25 years.

SUPER MEG-A-BONUS: (This is really cool) Everyone who purchases three or more MP: CLEPs over the course of the pre-order sale will receive an email about a week after the manuscript goes to print. The email will include a link and password that will give you immediate access to read an Enhanced Edition Ebook (EEE) of MEG: Purgatory (a colorized version of the novel in PDF format) for free. Yes, the EEE will feature the artists’ works in their original color versions. And we’ll be adding much more to come… drawings to win prizes (using your book number(s), raffles to win movie premiere tickets, posters… this will only get bigger & better!

* To read the MEG: Purgatory opening chapter Click Here

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