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Welcome Readers!

This website is dedicated to my readers, to whom I owe my career. I take your patronage very seriously, which is why I pay attention to every detail when crafting a novel, from the story line and research to the interior and exterior artwork. I want you to feel a part of the work as well. If you Sign Up for my FREE Monthly Newsletter, you’ll receive the inside track on movie updates and contests to become a character in the next Steve Alten novel, as well as living tips and entertaining info guaranteed to put a smile on your face. While I’m on Facebook and Twitter, the best way to reach me and get a personal response is via e-mail at Meg82159@aol.com

With heartfelt appreciation,

Steve Alten



Ever since I announced that Purgatory would be the last book in the MEG series, I have been looking to do something special for my MEGheads as a thank you for 25 years of devotion. MEG -7: PURGATORY will be filled with bonuses and nostalgia, but there is only so much a single hardback can do.

By last week the idea had evolved into something amazing.


A seven-volume compilation of the novels, novellas, prequel, and graphic novel of Steve Alten’s MEG SERIES, each volume set in chronological order and accompanied by the author’s commentary.

See all the details below…

MEG: LEGACY - The Exciting Details

My original plan was to announce everything in the newsletter on Feb. 16. That would have given me two weeks to pump things up before Volume One went on sale on March 1, 2023.

What changed? My printing house had a client go out of business right before a major printing job and they needed to fill the slot. The owner offered me a substantial discount. The only problem was that the discount was on a standard novel; for LEGACY I wanted seven volumes set on imitation leather.

LONG STORY SHORT: To get him the required downpayment, MEG LEGACY Volume 1 has to go on sale TODAY Tuesday January 31 at 3pm et.

That requires a COLOR Decision which I NEED YOUR HELP WITH… no worries – on that we have a week or two.

Finally: The price for owning one of the 5,000 first editions of
MEG: LEGACY Volume Price includes ALL EXTRAS

The IMC (Individual Mailing Carton) that the plant will make/insert the book into the IMC/seal the IMC.

• Emboss on the spine & case where the foil will be.

• Gold gilded on all three edges on the book

Price without discount $102.69 plus s & h

Discounted price for MEGheads = $72.69 plus s &


Steve, I’ve been waiting awhile for LOCH-3 (I know you are still writing the novel) but when can I expect to receive Legacy Volume one?

That’s one of the best things about LEGACY. Unlike The LOCH-3: Heaven Lake & MEG-7: Purgatory, most of the content is done for Volumes 1-6; it just needs to be laid out (the perfect job for the multi-talented and creative J.S. Earls). We expect to be printing in a few weeks with finished books en route from SE Asia to Florida where they will be packed and shipped out to the buyer. Even with shipments coming from Asia I am told two to three months from the day we place the order.

Steve, what if I just wanted to buy the entire series at once?

We’ll work on that, but to be honest I’d rather you order one at a time since each volume has its own payment schedule. However, the store at SteveAlten.com will continue to sell every LEGACY Volume already in print until all 5,000 first editions of each volume are gone.

Steve, why only 5,000? You did that with MEG: Generations and now they are priced so high I can’t afford one.

From experience I know that all serious collectors want First Editions only, and second editions are more costly. Having been burned before (we attempted a small second print of GENERATIONS and I lost money) I only order what is pre-sold. Second orders are never as high which means we pay more for printing.


LEGACY may end up being the exception as nothing like this has ever been done before and anyone who buys a random volume will probably circle back and buy the rest. Every volume will be amazing and filled with bonus materials… take a look!


Opens with a special message from author Steve Alten, followed by a forward by Kenneth Atchity, the literary agent who took a chance on an unpublished author back in 1996 and became his manager after selling the rights to MEG in a furious 2-day bidding war (three months after closing a first-look deal for dramatic rights with Disney’s Hollywood Pictures). Then comes MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror (revised 2015 edition) only, when the reader reaches the chapter, HELL I will present my commentary why I changed this scene around – then include both versions — the original AND the rewritten 2015 versions when Jonas’s finds himself trapped in the AG-1 escape pod in the belly of the beast. From there we get to read the MEG prequel, MEG: Origins. I begin with an explanation as to why I prefer the novel THEN the prequel/ Volume 1 ends with Comic #1 of the six-part graphic novel.

VOLUME 1 goes on sale at noon on Tuesday January 31. One new Volume will be added to the store every 2-3 months. I will sign the first 1500 books ordered.

VOLUME 2 will go one sale as signed finished books of Volume 1 begin arriving at the purchasers’ homes. When MEGheads hold the heavy imitation leather-bound book and see the details, orders will jump.
VOLUME 2: Leads off with a FOREWARD from MEG producer Belle Avery, then opens with the never-before-published novella, Angel of Death-1: SURVIVAL. The story continues with a recently revised version of The TRENCH that will be used for The TRENCH MOVIE EDITION mass market paperback (thank you Barbara Becker!). Volume 2 concludes with comic #2 of the MEG graphic novel.

VOLUME 3 Opens with a FOREWARD by the afore-mentioned Barbara Becker, an honor or she has earned over the last twenty-plus years as my dedicated editor and Adopt-an-Author director. The reading begins with a surprise — Part 2 of a the novella Angel of Death that fills an eighteen year gap between The TRENCH & MEG: Primal Waters. The novella features Jonas’s nemesis Michael Maren and how he came to discover the Panthalassa Sea. That will be followed by MEG: Primal Waters and comic #3.

VOLUME 4: Opens with a FOREWARD from Steve Alten who explains how he reached out to scientists who helped him scientifically justify the Panthalassa Sea. Then it’s MEG: Hell’s Aquarium, featuring some amazing new graphic images of the sea creatures, concluding with MEG comic #4.

VOLUME 5’s FOREWARD is from a MEGhead, then its MEG: Nightstalker and comic #5, with some added surprises.

VOLUME 6 sets up for the final chapter and concludes with the last comic #6. Look for some unannounced content.

VOLUME 7 is MEG: Purgatory, the long-awaited conclusion of the MEG series and it will be filled with many extras, along with a shocking ending. This is NOT the Purgatory special edition hardback that many people pre-ordered. Your preordered novel and the extra e-version will be delivered separately and will have the usual glossy book jacket and many different extras.

Once we get the measurements of Volume 7, we’ll offer some unique bookcases for your MEG: Legacy set.


The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake

UPDATE: The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake: January 5, 2023

If patience is a virtue then I am blessed with the most virtuous readers around. I began writing part 3 of The LOCH series (Vostok is part 2) back in February 2018, my excitement about the upcoming MEG movie (combining with the Eagles first Superbowl win) urging me to jump in with both feet, as opposed to going back and RE-READING both The LOCH and VOSTOK before creating a detailed beat sheet. I should have known better. Whenever you try to shortcut a process it always costs you more in the end.

By December, I had written the first 100 pages, but I was not happy with them or the storyline. And so I took a much needed break from the novel to create SeaMonsterCove and its webTV series.

The break enabled me to return to LOCH-3 last year with a clear mind. First however, I went back and read VOSTOK which is part 2 of The LOCH series. In doing so I realized how detailed and layered VOSTOK was and how I had purposely left unanswered questions that would play major roles in LOCH-3. For the first time I could see the forest for the trees – and wow – what a story – this was far more complex than I had intended with a huge payoff for the reader if I could pull it off.

As of early January the first three parts of the novel encompassing over 380 pages are done, solid, and a fun read. I am probably looking at the longest novel I have ever written, pushing 600 pages- but it’s definitely at the top of my favorites list. I am gong to push to get the final edited manuscript to my printer in the next three months, but with this book who knows.

Once books are printed I will sign each and every one and get them in the mail. Then I will outline MEG-7: PURGATORY and use the MEG-2: The TRENCH movie trailers to stimulate my imagination.


The LOCH Heavens Lake

The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake
Prologue thru Chapter 4
and a special bonus!
(plus a personal update and message from Steve Alten)

Click the Button Below to Pre-Order The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake


Please note: You can only buy ONE book per order for numbering purposes. Please place multiple orders for additional copies. Thank you.

The link above will take you off SteveAlten.com to our store at TheSteveAltenProject.com.

This list (PDF Document) will be updated.


To: All MEGheads, LOCH fanatics & Alten Readers

FR: Steve Alten

In December of 2019, I woke up early one morning at 4 am to find myself (at least for now) enjoying a rare moment of peace and calm – no rigidity or tremors shaking me awake from Parkinson’s Disease. It was as if my mind had found its way into the eye of the neurological storm. What happened next was totally unexpected – a wave of creativity came to me out of nowhere as beats in an entirely new giant prehistoric shark story. It was so good and so detailed I knew I had to get it down on paper before I fell back asleep. So I dragged myself upstairs to my office and began searching for the key to the entire story – a remote island that somehow I knew was out there … and there it was – Maug. Five hours later, I had written the treatment to an amazing TV series. And yet, I wanted something more… I wanted to visit the futuristic aquariums featured in the story… I wanted to witness these terrifying creatures swimming around their tank… moreover, I wanted them to react and respond to my presence. I shared these thoughts with my friend and assistant, Kelly Rollyson, and she said, “hell yeah!”

For the next 3 months I put together one of the most original and ambitious entertainment venues every imagined while Kelly recruited an international team of 3D animators, 2D artists, engineers, actors, producers and an ancient shark museum curator – all fans of MEG who wanted to be involved. On August 26, 2020 we launched www.SeaMonsterCove.com an interactive website which serves as the central hub for a virtual experience like no other. First and foremost the site plays host to the most advanced aquarium habitats ever designed – holding the most terrifying sea creatures that ever lived. The special effects are motion picture-worthy, and the wildlife doesn’t just swim around in benign circles; in fact, they are quite aware that you are watching them, and some of them clearly do not like it, especially when you enter their domain to do a little “cage diving.” The exception is Snowflake, our 63 foot, 25 ton prehistoric albino Mako shark (yes… albino!) whose tank in the O-Quarium backs up to the hotel suites in the Black Demon Inn. Snowflake is waiting for you there, circling outside your bedroom window. In each of these 360-degree experiences YOU, the user control the viewing angle, attempting to track the attacks as they happen (day and night versions are available). The action is nonstop and the creatures are so real that it is easy to lose yourself in a reprieve from reality.

Every facility you enter and every creature you encounter will be featured in our episodic TV series, Where Sea Monsters Roam, which tells the story of how these creatures came to be. There will also be a video game where members get to track and capture prehistoric life discovered in a 380 million year old aquifer located two miles beneath the sea floor.

In January of 2021 we’ll launch a Distance Learning Center– an extension of the highly successful ADOPT-an-AUTHOR teen reading program. The site will offer secondary school teachers FREE curriculum materials, projects, quizzes and tests tied to a new prototype version of my novels – “enhanced” with dozens of color images. Since 1999, over ten thousand teachers have registered as participants in our 5013-C non-profit program Adopt-an-Author, which has been called, “the most successful secondary school reading program in existence today.” Much of our success stems from my novels, which are very visual. The new enhanced pdf versions (available in the Sea Monster Cove library) are like nothing else out there. Coupled with all that we offer and will be adding, we believe combining virtual distance learning with entertainment is the way of the future and the only way to ensure an even playing field for all students regardless of race, religion, and economic class.

Watch these videos… then go to the website home page to join.

The Perfect Dream Vacation

Steve LIVE


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