Resurrection: Domain Series

What happens to us when we die?
Is there really an after-life?
Do we possess a soul?
Does God exist?

For Michael Gabriel, the answers to these questions lie in another dimension, a realm of eternity where there is no concept of time, only pure life force. . . pure existence.

And pure evil.

Now, as was foretold 500 years ago in the Mayan Popol Vuh, Michael’s sons are born. White-haired, azure-eyed Jacob, blessed with inhuman physical prowess, intelligence, and insight into the cosmos, and dark-haired Immanuel, who refuses his genetic calling, desiring only a normal life. Only the combined powers of the Gabriel twins can resurrect their savior-father and save the human race from an eternity of repeating its own self-destruction.

But on this fateful day another child is born. Exposed to the uglier side of existence, empowered by her post-human genetics, the beautiful, schizophrenic Lilith will travel down a darker path that leads to eon-distant Xibalba (the Mayan version of Hell) and an epic battle of good versus evil. . .and the final destination of the Human Race.

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