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A & M Publishing is moving to a smaller (less costly) warehouse soon. To do that, we need to reduce our inventory by 60%… so everything must go… and that includes 400-500 MEG tooth shards! These real fragments of MEG teeth are 2 million to 30 million years old and were once in the mouth of a real Megalodon!

The first 400-500 orders will include a FREE Meg shard! (except on pre-sale orders of The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake). Largest shards will be given away first.

MEG Posters: Were $14.99 – Now  $9.99

Adopt-an-Author Signed Posters: Were $24.99 – Now $19.99

UNDISCLOSED Hardbacks: This is definitely one of my best FACTion books! Were $27.95 – Now $9.99 for a brand-new first edition hardback! (This is the BEST buy!)

MEG 20th Anniversary hardbacks (each are signed and numbered with 2 different covers. Were $24.99 – Now $19.99.

MEG: Trade paperbacks: Sold in stores & amazon: $16.00. On sale in April/May for $9.99.

*Shards included in the first 400-500 orders (except on pre-sale orders of The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake). Largest shards will be given away first.

The MEG Trade Paperback


The MEG Trade Paperback 00007

Was $16.00
NOW ONLY $9.99

Read the book that inspired the BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis!

Seven years ago, and seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, Dr. Jonas Taylor encountered something that changed the course of his life. Once a Navy deep-sea submersible pilot, now a marine paleontologist, Taylor is convinced that a remnant population of Carcharodon megalodon—prehistoric sharks growing up to 70 feet long, that subsisted on whales—lurks at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. When offered the opportunity to return to those crushing depths in search of the Megs, Taylor leaps at the chance… but the quest for scientific knowledge (and personal vindication) becomes a desperate fight for survival, when the most vicious predator that the earth has ever known is freed to once-again hunt the surface.

ISBN-10: 1943957088
ISBN-13: 978-1943957088

$9.99 In stock