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The LOCH: Heaven's Lake

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These Limited Collector Edition hardbacks on sale NOW!

All copies of The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake purchased in 2019 are GUARANTEED to be personally signed!

A new LOCH Sequel brings Zachary Wallace to a mysterious lake situated in a crater atop a caldera in South China/North Korea after a series of monster sightings.

The LOCH: Heaven's Lake will be collector’s items from Day 1. These first edition hardbacks will NOT be sold in stores or at and we will only print what is pre-sold. For those who miss the boat, there will be an ebook… or there will be copies being offered online by LOCH SQUAD members who purchase multiple copies to be sold at inflated prices.

Status Update

When will I receive my copy?

I am still writing the book, as of Sept. 10, 2019, I am about a third of the way thru and anticipate finishing in early January. Books will ship 6-8 weeks later.

Why so long?

I want this book to keep you turning pages into the early morning hours... you lose your job and get a BETTER job for more money, then you hit the lottery! Al because of The LOCH: Heaven's Lake. (so at least buy another copy)

Click Here for a few (unedited) sample chapters to wet your appetite.

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