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Please limit your vote to the number of copies you intend on purchasing. This does not commit you to purchasing a specific amount; however it does allow us to approximate print costs and estimate a budget for bonuses giveaways.


Book 4 and the final chapter in the Mayan Doomsday series fills in all the missing pieces of the puzzle and the mind-blowing paradox that is MAN. (Books 1-3 in the series were sold in the U.S. as DOMAIN,  RESURRECTION & PHOBOS: MAYAN FEAR. Sold in Europe, Central and South America as El Testamento Mayan).


An original story of an African tribesman who becomes part messianic figure – part vampire during a massive outbreak of Ebola in South Sudan — a country besieged by violence, rape, and murder.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why not MEG: Purgatory?

A: I’m simply not ready yet. MEG: Generations took a lot out of me and Purgatory will be a better story if I take a needed break from MEG. I am excited about writing one of these books.

Q: Why are Steve Alten’s novels no longer being sold in stores or on  Amazon?

A:  All of my novels are available in stores and on Amazon except for MEG: Generations which may eventually be sold in stores. There are two major reasons first-edition hardbacks are only being sold directly to you, my most valued readers.

1). The publishing industry has changed. Publishers are no longer offering the kind of advances necessary to support most full-time authors. While there are some authors who pump out a new book every three months, or hire ghostwriters, I DON’T. My novels are incredibly researched and detailed and can take 8 months to 2 years to complete.

2). I also want to offer my biggest fans an opportunity to own a Collector’s first edition that will be impossible to obtain after the pre-sale ends and will INCREASE IN VALUE.

Q: Are these books self-published?

A:  No. A&M is a full service publisher with editors, artists, and a warehouse located in Arkansas. As majority stockholder in A&M, I guarantee the quality of the finished product. Compare the quality of MEG: Generations and The LOCH special collector’s edition to any hardback sold by a major publishing house and you’ll find A&M’s work to be superior. . .that is what my staff and I demand.

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