If you read MEG 6: Generations then you know that the series will end with MEG-7: Purgatory. My publisher, Tor/Forge will print & distribute hardbacks in the summer of 2023 when MEG-2: The TRENCH hits theaters. Because of the rise in paper costs, these books will be bare bones; i.e. no maps, interior artwork, or the extras that usually come with a Steve Alten novel.

That is NOT what I envisioned for the last and potentially BEST novel in the most important series of books I have written – a series that finally hit the big screen after a 20 year wait – a series that remains the driving force in my 501C-3 non-profit teen reading program, Adopt-an-Author (22 years and still going strong), helping reluctant readers like many of you were back in high school to read. No sir, the MEG series deserves a far bigger and better send-off AND SO DO MY MEGheads, my most loyal and appreciated readers – without whom I would have no career. If you were one of the lucky fans who managed to pre-order the MEG: Generations limited edition hardback (A & M Publishing) then you know how an Alten novel should look. You also know that these 4,325 hardbacks are now selling for $150 to $300+ each IF you can find a reader who wants to sell.


MEG: Purgatory Collector’s Limited Edition Package

To be published by A & M Publishing, the MP: CLEP will not be sold in stores or on; it must be pre-ordered from one of my websites NOW until the day (to be announced) when the final manuscript is sent to the printers. There will only be one print run.


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