Everyone loves a killer shark movie, from serious thrillers like Jaws, to goofy (but financially successful) b-movies like the Sharknado series. One film that has been in development for a very long time is the adaptation of MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror by author Steve Alten.

The film has had its ups and downs over the course of a number of years, but it has finally found its star with Fast and Furious’ Jason Statham, according to Variety. While the report doesn’t confirm his character, Statham will play protagonist Jonas Taylor, who is a deep sea diver and paleontologist. Alten says he’s signed.

Author Alten spoke to doddleNEWS about Statham’s casting: “Jason was at the top of my list to play Jonas Taylor in MEG. He’s the perfect mix of brains and brawn, with a dash of sarcastic wit. And Jon Turtletaub directing… wow. But the two people who deserve all the credit for making this happen is my friend, lead producer Belle Avery and Wayne Wei Jiang at Gravity Productions. MEG is blessed to have some incredible producers attached, but without Belle and Wayne, this simply doesn’t happen.”

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